Dear Reader:What I’m about to show you is an embarrassment to the politicians in Washington…

It involves just a handful of daring companies. Most people have no idea they even exist. Yet what they plan to do will change the course of America forever…

You see, they’ve realized that while senators and congressmen argue back and forth with each other, America’s problems have only gotten worse…

The national debt topped $16 trillion last year, and QE Infinity threatens the value of our dollar every day.

The average net worth of American families has fallen by 40% – to levels not seen for nearly two decades. And gas prices are climbing to nearly $4 once again.

But as bleak as these times in our country may seem, I know beyond a doubt that it’s all about to end.

A solution has finally arrived… And it happens to be the most breathtaking investment opportunity I’ve seen in over 25 years in the business…

Don’t worry, it has nothing to do with politics or who you voted for… In fact, these companies have received absolutely NO direct assistance from our government.

They don’t want anyone interfering with their plans…

You see, these six companies are almost acting as one “unified project.” That’s because, combined, each is responsible for such an absolutely vital component of a massive $1.2 TRILLION goal.

And when this “unified project” comes online in 2013, it could send America rocketing into a never-before-seen boom period that will make the Roaring Twenties look like the Great Depression.

Imagine pulling out of your driveway and seeing brand new luxury sedans and sports cars parked in every other driveway…

Picture your local mall buzzing with consumers buying Gucci sunglasses, 60” Samsung TVs and new iPads…

Retailers and construction companies with a surplus of job openings… Pay increases across the board, from custodians to CEOs…

This is going to be as game-changing as when Edison turned on the light bulb… As revolutionary as when Steve Jobs fired up his first computer…

I’m fully aware of the objections and skepticism to an outlook like this, but as I’m about to show you with my research, the forces behind this project are unstoppable.

The moment the project succeeds, Bloomberg and other analysts calculate $1.2 TRILLION will pour into our economy and it will continue to increase every year moving forward…

Citigroup analysts estimate 3.6 million jobs will be created and GDP will increase by as much as 3.3% in the first year alone.

And every American could receive an extra $8,000 in their pocket thanks to a few tax incentives that will only become more available once this project gets underway, based on a report from the Chicago Tribune.

But perhaps the most shocking aspect of all is what could happen to the few lucky shareholders who own these six stocks…

Because these six companies are on the verge of perhaps the greatest stock run-up of this generation.

Bigger than Rockefeller and the railroad giants of the 1880s… Bigger than Ford and the automobile manufacturers of the 20s… Bigger than Apple and Microsoft in the computer boom of the 80s… Bigger than all of these companies and bull markets combined.

I know anyone who misses this opportunity will curse themselves just as they did when Apple was $3 a share and Google was $15 a share…

In fact, I’ve already seen reports from Forbes where investors could have tripled their money – and the project hasn’t even come online yet!

Seasoned or amateur investors, stay at home moms and dads, retirees or full timers – it doesn’t matter who you are – if you’re a shareholder in these companies, you stand a chance to become extraordinarily wealthy starting in the next few months.

Now, let me show you why you need to own stock in these six companies and you need to own it now.

How a Big Idea Creates
“New Money” Almost Overnight

Imagine, if you will, going back to 1961… You have a long-time stock broker who is trying to convince you to put $20,000 into a promising new retail business…

But you’re not sure. It’s just a small set of stores that sell everyday stuff. How is such an average company going to take off in value?

So you pass on the idea and years go by… Before long, you start to hear about this huge and growing nationwide chain. When you hear the name, your heart sinks. Wal-Mart… the very company your broker recommended and you passed on.

If you had been smart enough to put that $20,000 into the game-changing retailer, you would now be sitting on over $260 MILLION.


But you missed out because you couldn’t see what was coming next…

old cell phone

Fast forward to 1982…

You now have a new broker who’s a big shot from Wall Street, a real Gordon Gecko type. And he wants to tell you about this amazing new device he just purchased from some Finnish corporation… A cellular telephone.

He tells you, “Look, this thing is going to be huge. Everyone in America will want one of these.”

But you’re not impressed. The phone weighs as much as a brick and costs $3,500.

So again, you pass on the idea. And for a while you’re right.

Nokia’s stock lingers at $2-3 for several years until suddenly, in the 90s, the cell phone revolution occurs. By May 29, 2000, share prices are up to $58.75.


Investing in the “risky” idea of cellphones could have turned $20,000 into $538,990!

And yet, just like with Wal-mart, you missed out because you couldn’t see the grand impact these companies would have on our society.

Microsoft is another great example. It began designing easy-to-use computers in a crowded garage back in 1975.

old computers

Back then, most people thought computers were as big as refrigerators or that you needed a master’s degree to operate one… And I’m sure they thought they’d never own a PC…

The stock has split 9 times since then, and a “speculative” investment of $20,000 into Microsoft would now be worth $7,626,276!

Which brings me to today…

I believe six companies, working together, are about to create the next giant shift in the American economy. As with Wal-mart, Microsoft and Nokia, there are plenty of naysayers out there, but the facts speak for themselves.

The Wall Street Journal confirms that the “unified project” could “create a base for stronger economic growth in the U.S. than the rest of the industrialized world…”

And economists at HSBC predict this project will increase GDP like clockwork for 10 years.

In short, these companies could be on the verge of making “the leap” from behind-the-scenes businesses to the stock stories that future generations will point to as some of America’s greatest successes.

And right now, you have the opportunity to get in before the madness… Before the stocks soar at unprecedented levels.

But before I reveal their project to you, let me show you why it will have such a monumental impact on our society.

The One Market That’s Driven America’s Economy Up and Down for 40 Years…

By now you’re probably starting to wonder, “Well, what is it already? What are these companies working on?”

Well, I can tell you that it directly impacts thousands of industries across America… online retailers like Amazon and Ebay… trucking businesses like MAC and Toyota… grocery stores, airlines… virtually everything you can think of.

You shouldn’t be surprised that it has something to do with America’s energy supply.

With all the talk about taxes, deficits and regulations going on and on, everyone seems to ignore that just about every market move – virtually every economic boom and slump – from the past four decades was directly correlated to the cost of energy.

Take the Energy Crisis of the 1970s, for example…

The shortage of gasoline and oil had cars lining up at the pump… paying the equivalent of $6.36 per gallon in 2012 dollars.

US GDP Annual Growth - Oil

Economic growth, which was a robust 7.7%, immediately tanked.

Then the 1980s oil glut came along and it was like none of it ever happened…

After oil peaked in 1979, the price plummeted from $113.86 to below $20 per barrel, where it stayed for nearly two decades…

Inflation Adjusted Monthly Crude Oil Prices

And look what happened to the economy as a result:

US GDP History 1980-2000

For two decades, GDP went virtually straight up.

Even until 2005, gas prices remained at less than $2… And the economy continued booming away, despite the brief dot-com collapse in 2000.

It wasn’t until 2006 that oil prices suddenly started to rise, leaping from $2 to around $4.12.

And surprise, surprise: by 2008, the economy lurched into recession.

Of course, the housing crisis was the big news story… and deservedly so. But you have to believe the cost of energy doubling in just two years put a severe strain on the economy.

And despite all the politicians wanting to take credit, the turnaround in 2009 came not because of stimulus or because we had fixed anything. I’d argue the real reason the economy stopped its free-fall was due to gas prices coming back down to $1.78.

But now we’ve stalled out once again in 2013. And guess why?

Pundits like to blame it on lots of things, but do you think it could have to do with the fact that gas has doubled in the past three years?

Of course it does. And that gets me to my point…

The Universal Condition for Prosperity

There is only one near-universal condition required for a thriving American economy… and that is cheap energy. With it, the economy booms. Without it, we all suffer.

And that’s exactly the problem these six companies are ready to solve. It’s a project that can actually bring down fuel costs to 1990s levels… and keep them there for decades.

Imagine for a minute what paying $1.50 for a gallon of gas would do to the economy…

Instead of pumping an average of $3,500 into fuel every year, the average American would spend just $1,560, leaving thousands in extra spending cash available for dining out at restaurants, and purchasing electronics and new cars.

Companies from UPS to Delta to Amazon would save millions on fuel costs…

Analysts at NERA Economic Consulting confirm that, “revenues from [this project] would generate billions of dollars of badly needed new funds for the U.S.”

And analysts at Citigroup estimate a total of 3.6 million new jobs by 2020.

We could see the end of our massive budget deficit… as well as soaring stock markets. The S&P 500 could skyrocket above 3,000… The DOW could jump to 20,000…

It’s funny, although not surprising, to see that the millions of jobs promised by the politicians in Washington won’t be created by Big Government… but rather by private industry.

But what’s TRULY shocking is how these six companies are going to do all of this without producing a single drop of oil.

So how will these six companies make this different reality come true?

I’ll get to that in just a moment, but first let me show you why this project is essential to America’s future…

Why Oil Is NOT the Solution…

Let’s get one thing straight. The project I’m talking about has nothing to do with a sudden oil boom or the discovery of some unknown oil reserve… (Or any hair-brained green energy scheme, for that matter.)

Far from it… This project will succeed precisely because oil is getting more expensive and more difficult to find.

You see, throughout the world, all the easy oil has already been tapped.

Saudi Arabia, once the richest oil country in the world, is projected to be completely out of oil by 2030, according to Citigroup.

And global oil demand is already on pace to outstrip production by 2020, according to scientific evidence released by Royal Dutch Shell. They’re calling it “The Zone of Uncertainty.”

In order to replace these reserves, oil companies are looking in dangerous locations to find new oil sources. Oil wells thousands of feet beneath the ocean… or lodged in dense mud-fields… or trapped beneath miles of rock-hard ice in the Artic.

As The Wall Street Journal reported: “Increasing oil output has become daunting for energy companies because big oil fields in easy to reach locations have gotten scarce.”

In the meantime, world demand is skyrocketing…With countries like China, India and Brazil expanding, this “zone of uncertainty” is only going to widen as the world’s population explosion drives up demand.

Of course, I’m not saying there won’t be any oil left… or that we’re going to run out of oil tomorrow… I’m not that foolish.

But there isn’t a shadow of a doubt in my mind that oil – and in turn, gasoline – are going to only become more and more expensive in the years ahead… jumping to $10 a gallon and beyond.

If gasoline were to reach $10 a gallon – burdening every person in America, mind you – it would make it near impossible for our economy to grow.

But that’s exactly why this project to save America is so important.

These six companies are contributing to a project that will ensure America is loaded with cheap energy for decades, even centuries to come.

It’s the reason shareholders in these companies are about to get very rich.

Let me show you how it will all work…

How They Plan to Do This WITHOUT Electric Cars… Bullet Trains… Escalators… or Any Other Such Nonsense…

For all the problems with oil production that I just laid out, there is another energy source that is going in the exact opposite direction.

First of all, it’s dirt cheap… selling 5.8 times cheaper than oil. In its refined state, it costs the equivalent of $1.50 a gallon of gasoline… or less.

Energy Prices at wellhead

Second, it’s incredibly abundant. The U.S. alone has over 200 years-worth of supplies of this energy source, according to reports from FOX.

There are entire lifetimes of energy just bubbling beneath our feet right now…

Third, it’s clean. It produces 90% less carbon monoxide, less than 95% as much nitrogen oxide, and only ONE PERCENT as much sulfur oxide at the power plant.

This is vital when you consider government agencies like the EPA imposing strict regulations on every coal-powered plant in the country. Many of which have already been shut down.

But perhaps most importantly – and why I believe this will be the first major energy shift in the 150 years we’ve been using oil – is adopting this energy source requires absolutely zero lifestyle changes for Americans.

It doesn’t require plugging in your car at work… increasing onerous EPA emissions standards… banning foreign oil… or any other difficult transition that Americans don’t want.

So what is this energy fuel that I’m talking about?

You won’t be surprised to learn that it’s natural gas.

Now, I know what you might think:

“Natural gas is never going to catch on here in America… Americans aren’t going to want to do anything that disrupts their daily routine.”

And I’d have to say, up until now, I was similarly skeptical… But as I dug deeper into my research, this particular project caught my attention for one reason…

It can be implemented without any impact whatsoever on your daily routine. And I can show you exactly why…

If There’s So Much of It,
Why Aren’t We Using It?

You see, I know there is one major reason natural gas hasn’t become popular in this country…

The big problem with the natural gas markets isn’t that there’s too much gas or that it’s too cheap, like the bear-investors would have you believe.

Believe me, if it was cheap and abundant oil, nobody would be complaining. In fact, you and I wouldn’t even be having this discussion.

The real problem with the natural gas markets is there’s no distribution system.

It’s a classic chicken or the egg argument:

How will natural gas ever catch on if there are no stations to fill up? If there are no gas stations, how will there be any vehicles? If you have to buy some fancy natural gas vehicle, how is it really going to save you money?

And that’s exactly where these six companies come in.

They’ve decided to put the money down and build a massive, all-encompassing, natural gas infrastructure throughout our country… and do it all at once.

And I’m willing to bet that, as a result, you and nearly everyone you know will be driving a car run on natural gas within two years. Even more shocking, it will be the same car you’re driving right now.

You see… The executives behind this secret project are no dummies.

They know nobody in America is going to get off of gasoline unless it’s both cheap and EASY.

Picture this scenario if you will… Let’s say your current car operated on both natural gas and gasoline. At the same time, your local gas station offered both nat gas and regular gasoline like the gas station pictured below.

Which type of fuel would you buy?

The one that already costs over $4 per gallon and climbing? Or the one that’s under $1.50?

gas prices

Of course you’d fill up with nat gas. You’d be a fool not to.

You can’t tell me you’re going to turn your nose up at something that’s cheaper just because you’re “hooked” on gasoline.

The crazy thing is, once this project comes online, that’s the exact situation that every American will find themselves in. And I know it will result in a sudden shift to natural gas.

Through my research, I know certain companies are already deep into the development of this project. Over the past few years, they’ve accumulated massive amounts of capital, which they’ve used to quietly build an energy infrastructure spanning from New York City to Los Angeles.

What they’ve accomplished is as revolutionary as the transcontinental railroad… as far-reaching as internet and the computers… as practical as cellphones…

They’ve truly designed something that isn’t just a great investment opportunity, but an improvement to every American citizen’s standard of living.

And so far, it’s been an astounding success.

People in small towns like Boone, North Carolina, are witnessing first-hand what I’m talking about.

John P, who owns a restaurant called “Peppers,” said, “Switching to natural was the smartest move since I’ve been in the business.

“It was the best economic move I have ever made,” said Mike H., a local farmer.

And Beth K, a retired social worker and full-time grandma said, “I could not imagine my home without it.” Beth paid as little as 200 to have a small adapter installed into her home that not only allows her to run her house on nat gas, but actually fill her car up as well. The installation is so easy that her local plumber could do it. And now she can power her home and fill up her car for pennies on the dollar.

People in these small testing communities are absolutely loving this. But now, these six companies are on the verge of taking the project nationwide… offering millions of Americans the economic relief they’ve been craving for four years.

I’m sure now you can understand why Washington politicians are more than a little embarrassed.

These six companies are in the midst of delivering what politicians promised with votes: a solution to America’s economic problems. And they’re doing it with good, old-fashioned capitalism.

So let me show you just how easy they are going to make it for you and me and everyone else in America.

We All Know: Americans Only Like It
When Things Are EASY

You may have already noticed it happening in your neighborhood or town…

Buses and garbage trucks with natural gas pictures on them… gas stations with those strange-looking hoses… perhaps you even know someone who has converted their vehicle to natural gas or had a fueling station installed in their home.

Natural gas pump

This is just a fraction of what’s really going on in America’s backyard…

The project I’m talking about is going to connect all of these vehicles – and all of us – together in a much bigger way…

According to Forbes, part of this nationwide project is nearly complete… and once it’s unveiled, the transition into natural gas will come very quickly.

Because there won’t be a single person without access to this ridiculously cheaper alternative, if they should desire it.

And that’s why I created this presentation for you. The moment this project comes online and people start to realize its impact, thousands of investors are likely to begin pouring their money into these six companies.

But by then, the opportunity will be gone. Everybody will know about it. Which is why right now is the time to act.

So let me explain exactly how this project all came together and what it entails…

The BIGGEST Business-Pact of the 21st Century Has One Closely Guarded Secret…

This all started with two small companies… They had over 100 years in the transportation business between them. Both had designed best-selling vehicles worldwide…

But they couldn’t help but notice the MASSIVE savings that natural gas offered.

They realized that, with an easy and practical design, there wouldn’t be a single person who wouldn’t want to make the switch to a cheaper fuel…

But how could they make it quick and easy for Americans to fuel up with natural gas?

After all, does anyone want to go out and buy a new car just to run a cheaper fuel? Do you want to change your lifestyle just to save a few dollars?

If you’re shaking your head ‘no’ right now, I agree with you…

But these companies figured out a way around that.

Their answer came in the form of a patented technology that allows people to run their current cars on natural gas instead of gasoline

It’s a small piece of machinery that can be installed into ANY vehicle – including the one you’re driving around in right now…

No special pistons, cams or gas mixers are needed. It simply connects to the fuel injector, which is found in every car that runs on gasoline.

In a single afternoon, any local mechanic can put this converter into your car.

And just like that, you could drive up to 600 miles for just $20.

Not only that, anyone who buys the converter is eligible up to $2,500 in alternative-fuel-vehicle incentives.

That means that, in less than a year of use, you could not just pay for the cost of your converter, but you could also pocket thousands more just for being ahead of the game and making the switch to nat gas.

I’ve already seen reports in The Chicago Sun Tribune of one woman pocketing $8,000 for switching her vehicle and turning her home into a filling station!

Of course, this one-of-a-kind conversion kit quickly caught the attention of companies like UPS and FedEx… Siemens and Caterpillar… and dozens of other companies specializing in engines and transportation.

There’s even talk of a bidding war to try and buy out the patent from these two innovative companies…

But while competitors clamor to get their hands on the design, these companies have already begun converting thousands of truck fleets from gas guzzlers into cheap natural gas trucks.

They’re currently working with Cummins engines to roll out a fleet of new trucks in 2013. And they’ve already produced 13,000 flatbed trucks, school buses and tractors using their engine technology.

And here’s what a few business owners who have adapted the natural gas are saying:

Alex M., a farmer from North Carolina, actually saved so much money by converting to natural gas that he was able to expand his business: “With the money I saved and will save switching to natural gas, it made sense to expand my farm.”

Chuck E. was very impressed with how easy and fast his conversion was: “Everything went smooth with my conversion.”

And Don M., a business owner in Boone, couldn’t be happier. “We are showing savings of 50% by choosing natural gas,” he said.

Considering the two companies behind this technology have a combined market cap just under $50 billion, the cash injection they’re receiving is already big for their stock.

And as more people make the switch, it’s only likely to build more and more momentum.

However, these companies understand the one crucial element to all of this:

Their revolutionary converters would never be able to catch on without an established natural gas infrastructure here in America.

People aren’t going to convert their cars to natural gas if they can’t fill up at the local station just like normal.

So they partnered up with a fuel distributor whose idea was as revolutionary as their own…

A Nat Gas Filling Station
on Every Street Corner

Just like the companies behind the revolutionary fuel converters, this particular distributor was onto something…

The distributor didn’t want to create a whole new system of gas stations… That would take years of planning and development.

So it did exactly what its new business partners did; it modified existing technology.

What they’ve created is simply a natural gas “box” that can be outfitted to any existing gas station.

It’s a fueling supply system that enables gasoline retailers to add low-cost natural gas pumps at their current locations without ever putting a shovel into the ground.

So when you decide to convert your car over to natural gas, you won’t spend the afternoon driving around looking for somewhere to fill up. You’ll simply go where you’ve always gone to fill up.

The company behind it has already released reports stating, “individual consumer vehicles can then refill their tanks using a dispenser with the same look and feel as a traditional diesel or gasoline dispenser.”

This natural gas “box” attaches to existing gas stations with very little effort.

Natural Gas Box

And now every small business and gas station owner across America is scrambling to get their hands on this new fueling system they’ve created.

Bloomberg has reported the first 20,000 stations outfitted with it could receive over $2 MILLION in government incentives… And the remaining 120,000 stations in America will receive $250,000 each.

And fueling stations in over 22 states have already agreed that they will purchase more 10,000 units of the natural gas “box.”

This company is already making a killing!

Quarterly earnings growth is at an unbelievable 90% year-over-year. And operating and profit margins are hovering at just 20%.

But the company behind the “box” knew there was one thing absolutely VITAL to its success.

It knew it’d need a partner, a big-time gas station operator to jump on board if this was going to work.

Furthermore, it realized it was crucial to get the trucking industry on board. After all, trucks are some of the biggest fuel consumers in the country.

So this company plans on teaming up with a gas station on the verge of completing its own full-scale truck fueling system from coast to coast.

The company behind the box will invest over $150 million to put its boxes at natural gas fueling facilities nationwide.

And this particular gas station company it plans on working with has the title of the largest truck-fueling operator in the country. It operates an impressive 550 stores in 43 states and it’s continuing to grow!

The CEO recently told SeekingAlpha that vehicles would be able to fill up nationwide with natural gas within two years.

And Forbes magazine recently told its readers, “This would be a good time to call your favorite economist…. A national fueling system is nearing completion with locations along all the major interstates and arteries.”

Obviously, I want to save you that phone call. And I’m about to reveal to you how to find out the ticker symbols of all the companies involved.

But before I explain about that, let me address some of the final concerns I had with this project.

A MASSIVE Surge in Demand
Is on the Horizon…

With 243 million cars registered in the United States the demand for this fuel is going to be pretty steep once everyone starts switching over.

After all, Americans use over 134 billion gallons of gas every year!

And considering it’s about a 5:1 ratio to convert natural gas into a gallon of gasoline…

That means in the first year, the demand for 16 trillion cubic feet of natural gas could suddenly come knocking on the door.

The companies behind the ‘Secret Pact’ realized they would need a company to supply the fuel to all these filling stations across the country…

The Perfect Pipeline Investment:
Increased Payouts for 10 Straight Years

In order to make this project work, the distribution system needed to extend to all corners of the country.

And that’s exactly what the fourth company involved in the ‘Secret Pact’ specializes in…

It has over 10,000 miles of existing pipeline running from the Gulf of Mexico to New York City.

It also holds major interest in three major gas pipelines across America: the Transco, Northwest and Gulfstream.

In preparation for the big project, this company already enjoyed a 12% boost in revenue growth this past quarter. And it pocketed a healthy $237 MILLION as a result!

But once this project comes online, it’s going to see revenue growth go through the ceiling!

This is why for many legendary investors, companies like these have long been known to produce “easy money.”

In fact, Jim Cramer calls them “the holy grail of the investing world.”

And for good reason: pipelines account for more than 65% of the profits in the energy industry.

Think about it: every time someone gasses up their car, you get paid. Whenever someone turns on their air conditioning, you get paid. When your neighbor pulls into the driveway and the lights come on, you get paid. Every time energy goes into anything, you’re getting paid!

Considering the annual throughput from this pipeline is already 3.26 TRILLION cubic feet, that makes for a lot of paydays.

Analysts at SeekingAlpha are saying: “This [pipeline company] will continue to grow, along with their earnings and the cash distribution. If you want a strong and increasing yield, buy this.”

Barrons reports that, “It’s one of the best investments of the past 10 years.”

And this isn’t just the media or analysts hyping a stock up.

One of its biggest pipelines, which runs through Wyoming and Colorado, is moving enough natural gas to equal 155,000 barrels of oil – everyday.

The CEO recently told shareholders that by 2014, he expects revenues from this pipeline to have grown 90% in just over three years.

You can see how this “unified project” has been nothing but a boon to its stock.

And it’s rewarded investors with an ever-increasing dividend.

Just look at this chart showing company payout growth:

Company payout growth

Clearly it just goes straight up. In the past 5 years, dividends have increased by more than 545%.

That’s the nature of the pipeline business. It doesn’t fluctuate based on the price of oil, natural, gas, or whatever else it’s transporting. It simply collects its fee, rewards shareholders, and calls it a day.

As this project transforms America, shareholders will simply collect more and more royalties every time someone makes the easy and simple switch to natural gas.

This is far and away the easiest, yet most exciting way to make money I’ve shown you so far.

But there’s one more company that’s absolutely essential to all this. Without it, the project would go nowhere.

This Company Is INTEGRAL to
‘The Secret Pact to Save America’

I’ve told you about all the conversion technologies, the distribution system and the pipelines, but there’s one thing missing from all this:

The gas itself!

The companies behind ‘The Secret Pact to Save America’ knew there was only a handful of firms that could possibly get this much gas out of the ground in this short amount of time.

But the refinery they turned to was more than up to the challenge.

This particular refinery is the #1 producer of natural gas in America. And it’s among the top 10 energy suppliers to the rest of the world.

Every day, it’s sucking more than 11 BILLION cubic feet of natural gas out of the ground and selling it.

And it has started ramping up production levels for the upcoming months… It wants to be sure it can meet the demands for this massive energy overhaul to America.

To do that, it purchased nearly 200,000 acres from its industry rivals in North Dakota’s Bakken Shale formation. Now it’s producing the equivalent of an extra 15,000 barrels of oil per day!

And the company is not just resting on the gas reserves it recently came into…

This company has shown perhaps the deepest commitment of all to this project:

It’s estimated to spend $185 billion over the next five years on this project to ‘Save America,’ as reported by The Wall Street Journal.

A leading analyst at Deutsche Bank believes it represents an even LONGER commitment to this project, saying this company has a: “long-term energy view, which [is] that natural gas would be the fastest-growing fuel over the next 30 to 40 years,”

But no matter what the media says, the company’s vice presidents confirmed it with Oil and Gas Journal, saying, “There will be significant opportunities, and we expect the market to drive this growth… Natural gas is poised to surge.”

It takes a great deal of confidence to spend that kind of money and put your company on a five-year track like that.

However, this company recently acquired an affiliate that has a long-term track record of leading the industry.

Oil analysts at Oppenheimer & Sons recently told The Washington Post, “[This affiliate and its CEO have] created more value than any living person. The company’s value is up 29-fold in 10 years.”

And that’s exactly what caught the interest of the other companies behind ‘The Secret Pact to Save America.’

They knew anyone who was “all-in” on natural gas like that could make a fine addition to the project. And with this refinery’s success, they knew their project would have all the fuel it needed.

So they brought them in to produce and refine all the natural gas needed for this massive project…

Of course, there’s plenty of opposition to gas drilling. Conservationists, as deluded as they may be, have tried to make it difficult for almost every company that tries to drill.

But this company has even found a solution to that controversy. Rather than using the chemical and water mix that so many people attack, this company turned to an ultra-clean technology that uses horizontal drilling to shake loose the gas. Forbes has called this technology “the knight in shining armor” for environmentalists.

It’s already the nation’s #1 producer of natural gas, and with this new technology, it is on the verge of a breathtaking stock run-up.

But this refinery isn’t quite the end of my story…

Before I finish up with you today, let me show you something you won’t find anywhere else in the world…

It’s the one company that will establish the United States as the number-one energy provider in the world… And it’s the final piece to ‘The Secret Pact to Save America.’

The Final Company Represents
American Ingenuity at Its Finest!

Everything I’ve told you up until now involves absolutely NO lifestyle change whatsoever.

The companies behind the natural gas conversion kit want you to drive the car you have…

The fuel providers want you to gas up wherever you want…

The pipeline will keep everything well-stocked and running smoothly…

The refiners are pumping the gas out of America’s backyard as we speak…

But this final company in ‘The Secret Pact to Save America’ has actually done something that NO OTHER country or business in the world has been able to master.

It’s a real triumph of American ingenuity, which is how the business became an integral part of this project.

You see, exporting natural gas is almost impossible… due mainly to the fact that no one has quite been able to figure out how to store it effectively.

And because trade in natural gas has been limited, the prices vary wildly from country to country.

And that’s created a very unique price spread situation.

You see… in America, natural gas sells for just $2. We have so much of it that it’s dirt cheap.

But around the rest of the world, it’s far more expensive.

For example, in Europe the going rate is $11.

In countries like India, Taiwan and China, natural gas goes for as much as $17.

You don’t need a Harvard business degree to realize that whoever figures out how to transport natural gas from the cheap countries to the expensive ones stands to make a killing.

And that’s exactly what this company has done.

It’s perfected a technology that can transport natural gas that no one else in the world possesses.

No special tankers are necessary… This company simply figured out how to balance the gas at the right temperature in order to make the trip across the ocean.

This has led a highly regarded analyst to tell his readers flat-out: “Buy this company. They’re the only U.S. company shipping natural gas.”

In fact, these exporters are truly the ONLY company with federal approval to ship out this energy source.

Nobody else can figure out a way to safely get it through customs and over the ocean…

As a result, it’s literally cornered the market, and share prices have already shot up 18% in the past 3 months! But I predict that’s just the beginning…

Because it’s already signed agreements with other countries to sell its newly exportable natural gas… but with a slight twist:

Any non-American customer will pay an extra 15% markup fee, as reported by Forbes magazine.

OPEC has been doing this to America for years. And now this company plans to do the same thing right back.

The New York Times reported that this company’s impressive new export facility is set to open in early 2015… And soon it will be ready to export four billion cubic feet a day…

That means this exporter will be pumping as much as $9.4 million a day into our economy!

The Wall Street Journal confirmed that, thanks to this company, “America will become the largest supplier to burgeoning world markets.”

As the only company with this exporting technology, the ramifications for investors are massive.

Anyone who invests now is going to enjoy a near-monopoly for years to come, while competitors try to invent their own patents for exporting natural gas.

And you’ll find out everything you need to know about this exclusive exporting company – as well as the other five businesses I’ve told you about – when I send you my report called “The Secret Pact to Save America: Six Companies and Their Daring 1.2 TRILLION Project.”

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But I think it’s about time I introduced myself and why I’m giving you this life-changing opportunity today.

I’m Going to Give YOU Access to All Six Companies Involved in ‘The Secret Pact to Save America’ in the Next Five Minutes!

My name is Dave Fessler.

I’m the Energy and Infrastructure Expert here at The Oxford Club.

Part of the reason I’ve been so successful in the investment world is that I’m an entrepreneur myself.

In fact, I’ve been in the semi-conductor and communications business for over 25 years.

I’ve been sought out from investment and research firms all over the world – from Nicaragua to San Francisco, Baltimore to Paris – and I’ve helped make many people very, very rich.

Nowadays, I run a special research service that identifies energy trends in the market before they happen. I call it Peak Energy Strategist.

As I mentioned before, oil is in its peak… Demand is already on pace to outstrip production… Companies are digging into smaller and more dangerous locations, trying anything they can to keep up with the exploding growth in markets all over the world…

With oil set to become more scarce and far more expensive, my specialty is looking for those rare opportunities to get in on the ground floor of new energy sectors.

And that’s why I created Peak Energy Strategist.

Week in and week out, I keep my subscribers up-to-date on everything going on in the energy and infrastructure markets. If someone just landed a big contract to rebuild America’s aging power system… I send out an alert. If a company just uncovered a huge energy deposit like what’s going on in the Dakotas… I immediately tell my readers how to get in on the situation.

And I don’t just make recommendations and then leave my subscribers to fend for themselves. I routinely send out my Peak Energy Weekly as well.

In this easy-to-read email, I deliver updates on all of our current positions… as well as the new recommendations with big news around the corner.

My goal is to educate subscribers and give them early access to every big story impacting the energy markets.

Not only that: I like to show even the most timid investors that they can make thousands in easy returns from what many wrongfully consider to be a “daunting” sector of the market.

Each quarter, I compile a detailed outlook called Peak Energy TrendWatch, which focuses on the hottest energy trends… I’ll let you know what to expect in oil prices, natural gas development, alternative energies and more. I pride myself on my in-depth research… and finding companies that increase profits quarter after quarter.

(You think ‘The Secret to Pact to Save America’ is interesting? Wait until you see the company I’ve been tracking that’s just invented a $600 million deep-sea drillship – it’s something out of a science fiction movie!)

These quarterly reports are blockbusters with our subscribers for one major reason. While they enjoy the institutional-quality research and straightforward investment plays, what they really enjoy most are the profit opportunities.

And of course, as a subscriber, you’ll get access to the Peak Energy Portfolio, the master-recommended portfolio with all of our stock picks, as well as buy and sell recommendations.

Since becoming The Oxford Club energy and infrastructure specialist,I’ve led subscribers to gains of 124% in Johnson Controls… 501% on Conexant Systems… 182% on Owens Coming… 84% in Juniper Network.

When I first came on board and started doing this at The Oxford Club, I sent out a special report to members, which handed theman average of 103% on each of my first 13 picks… all of which were winners.

And I believe anyone who reads my report, “The Secret Pact to Save America” could see massive, history-making returns.

Some of my readers have written in to tell me how much they enjoyed some of the other HUGE returns they banked from my insight:

Bud T., a stay-at-home dad, decided to try my Peak Energy Strategist when I first launched in 2009: “Thanks for your many good recommendations… I have been with the service since the inception. I have done very well.”

Herbert S., a retired gentleman in Rochester, New York recently wrote in: “Peak Energy has served me well with some nice gains… thank you very much! I will look forward to additional, profitable recos in your new updates.”

Kevin O., a science enthusiast, also praised my recommendations. “They’ve been profitable and interesting to read about,” he says.

And Richard W., who confessed he was originally nervous about investing in the energy sector, wrote in: “Your theme of peak energy seems to me to be “right on” – so keep up the good work and dig out those gems among the numerous candidates in the energy field!”

But my previous recommendations that have done well can’t hold a candle to what I believe lies ahead. Our country’s vast resources of natural gas have created one of the most important energy shifts in our nation’s history.

Really, the only question is whether you’re going to be part of it. Or whether you’re going to end up looking back wondering “what if” like many did with cell phones and personal computers.

That is why I want to send you EVERYTHING you need to know and how to profit from this situation in the next five minutes:

I’m going to immediately send you my special report, The Secret Pact to Save America: Six Companies and Their Daring $1.2 Trillion Project…

I’ll give you each of the ticker symbols for the six companies. I’ll show you exactly what price you should look to buy. I’ll explain in detail when each portion of the project is expected to be completed and what that could mean for share prices.

In short, you’ll find all the details behind these six companies and why I believe they will be the biggest energy conglomerates since Standard Oil.

Of course, I can’t just give you the information about ‘The Secret Pact to Save America’ for free… It just wouldn’t be fair to my other subscribers…

But what I can offer you is so unusual, I guarantee you won’t find it anywhere else…

Anyone Who Responds to
‘The Secret Pact to Save America’
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The companies behind “The Secret Pact to Save America” are just months away from unveiling their new $1.2 TRILLION project and bringing it online.

Forbes, Bloomberg, FOX and a dozen other media outlets are already starting to scratch the surface of the story… Due to the urgent nature of this opportunity, I’ve worked out a deal with my publishers.

You see… I want to get as many people on board as I can before the news of this project goes mainstream. I’ve even been getting my friends and family involved before the main event.

The fact is, with something like this… all the big gains are going to go to the people who get in first.

That’s why I told my publishers that I didn’t want to charge an arm and a leg for anyone taking advantage of this special offer.

You see, more often than not, in-depth research like mine would cost you a minimum of$5,000… And with the scale of this opportunity, I’d imagine that’s a low estimate…

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If you sign up today you’ll enjoy a one-year subscription to Peak Energy Strategist for only $1,100.

I think that’s more than a fair price, especially when you consider that my first Energy and Infrastructure special report showed Oxford Club members 13 winning stocks in a row (with zero losses). And along the way,

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And the list goes on!

When you think about these kinds of gains, a $1,100 membership seems pretty small.

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I hate to tack on a 10% fee, but at the insistence of my publishers, it’s the only way I can legitimately make this offer.

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So here’s everything I’m going to give you…

Here’s Everything You’ll Get as a Premium Member of Peak Energy Strategist

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My special report, The Secret Pact to Save America: Six Companies and Their Daring $1.2 Trillion Project… Everything you need to know about these six companies and their massive overhaul to America’s energy infrastructure is included in this report. You’ll get all of my research so that you can start making money right away. You will also receive my weekly email update, Peak Energy Weekly My quarterly publication, Peak Energy TrendWatch And of course, access to our master recommended portfolio, including all of our current stock recommendations.

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But before I let you sign up, do one last thing for me:

Remember this moment… when you heard about natural gas and the changes coming to America’s energy infrastructure… Think about what you were doing… and who you were with when you heard all of this information… Think about the device you watched this presentation on…

Because when this project comes online, it will be just like when you got your first computer or cell phone or tablet… You’ll remember what it was like… as strange and awkward as it seemed at first. But eventually, you won’t even be able to remember what life was like without it.

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The businesses behind ‘The Secret Pact to Save America’ have nearly completed their nationwide project… I’ve laid out this opportunity as plain as I can…

Join my elite circle of investors, read the detailed report I’m about to send you, and become a tycoon in this new era of energy.

Dave Fessler
Dave Fessler
Energy & Infrastructure Specialist, The Oxford Club
January 30, 2013

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