About David Fessler

David Fessler is the energy and infrastructure expert for The Oxford Club, one of the world’s most exclusive and prestigious networks of private investors.

A prolific writer, David writes “Hot Stacked”, a focused overview of the energy and infrastructure markets appearing monthly in the Communiqué.

He’s also the managing editor of “Peak Energy Strategist”, the Oxford Club’s premium energy research service.

In addition, he’s a weekly contributor to Investment U, the Club’s free investment education division with more than 355,000 active subscribers. His articles are syndicated widely. Seeking Alpha has listed Dave in the group of the top 100 fastest growing authors by readership.

David has appeared on the Glenn Beck Show on the Fox News Channel. He was one of the first journalists to break the story on the commercial real estate crash.

Before retiring at the age of 47, David served as Vice-President for Strategic Business at LTX Corporation. He was also Vice-President of Operations, Sales & Marketing for Quality Telecommunications, Inc.

His success as an investor spans over 35 years in the technology and energy sector. He owns and operates two successful businesses.

He’s a degreed Electrical Engineer, and is a renowned specialist in the semiconductor, telecommunications, energy and infrastructure sectors.

David, his wife Anne, and their two sons, Jared and Noah live in a 200-year old stone farmhouse in northeastern Pennsylvania. An avid cyclist, David also enjoys fly-fishing with his sons, gardening with Anne, and woodworking.

Below is a collection of articles written by David Fessler for Investment U:

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