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the Energy Markets

Right now, the Peak Energy portfolio is sitting on total open gains of 133.5%. That’s if you add up all the winners and losers.

The average gain is 13.4%.

And I’ve spotted some incredible gains in the past… In 2009, within a six-month time frame, readers of one of my special reports could have seen gains as high as:

181% on building materials powerhouse Owens Corning… 124% on Fortune 500 conglomerate Johnson Controls… 501% on semiconductor manufacturer Conextant Systems

Just a few weeks ago, I closed out an 82% gain on Telvent Git S.A. in the Peak Energy portfolio.

Bear in mind, I’ve done all of this without recommending a single options trade or any sketchy penny stocks.

So how in the world have I uncovered so many potential gains in such a short amount of time?

It comes down to nine “profit triggers” I use to pinpoint these explosive stocks before they really take off.

Have a look for yourself…

All 9 of these profit triggers make up what I call the Peak Energy indicator. As I’ve shown, this indicator has helped a lot of people make a lot of money over the years.

In fact, this is this same formula that enabled me to walk away from my corporate desk job at the age of 48 and purchase over 65 acres of pristine land in Pennsylvania… just like I always wanted.

You deserve this same success.

That’s why within minutes of accepting this invitation, I’ll rush you the ticker symbols of the 2 companies taking over the grid energy storage market. It’s in my latest research report How to Get Rich from the Grid Energy Storage Revolution.

Once you’ve signed up, every Friday, I’ll also send you the Peak Energy Weekly. This weekly publication will keep you up to date with what’s happening in the Peak Energy portfolio… what further developments are taking place regarding this energy crisis… as well as unique insight to the most profitable energy trends emerging across the world.

Every three months, you’ll also receive the Peak Energy TrendWatch. This is your direct line to the biggest profit opportunities in energy. At the end of every quarter, I’ll send out this comprehensive report via email. In it, you’ll find my newest additions to the Peak Energy portfolio – each one brimming with as much profit potential as the plays I described earlier.

That means you’ll get an in-depth look at why I’m recommending a company… the best price to purchase it at… and after its shares spike, when to sell for maximum profits.

So how much can you expect to pay for this profitable research?

Well… the listed price for a one-year subscription to the Peak Energy Strategist is $1,100.

Considering that other research products sell for $5,000 or more… this price is a steal.

But today you won’t pay the normal price. You won’t even pay our special discount price.

I’ve just spoken with my publisher and due to the fact this electricity crisis could go from bad to truly catastrophic at any moment, we’re giving an emergency discount rate to anyone who signs up for the Peak Energy Strategist today.

That means once you sign up, you’ll receive the next 6 months of my best work, as well as the research report detailing how to potentially earn a fortune from this energy crisis, for just $199.

For the year, that’s a full 63% off the $1,100 list price.

Even still, I think it’s important that you TRY my work first to see if it’s right for you. That’s why I’m giving you the next 30 days to decide.

If you find for any reason Peak Energy Strategist isn’t for you, give us a call and we’ll refund your money right away (minus our customary 10% processing fee – we do this because some people sign up just to access our free reports and then immediately cancel; it happens more often than you think!).

And no matter whether you stay on board or not, the free report How to Get Rich from the Grid Energy Storage Revolution is yours to keep.

I do not take America’s electricity crisis lightly. These blackouts could drain trillions of dollars out of the U.S. economy starting in just the next few months.

That’s why I’m offering the lowest price ever for this important research.

But this emergency discount will not be available for very long. In fact, the price to join Peak Energy Strategist will be going up very soon.

Sign up today to ensure you receive the lowest rate possible. With so much at stake, I think you’ll find it one of the most rewarding decisions you ever make.

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Good Investing,

David Fessler
Energy and Infrastructure Specialist
The Oxford Club

*All Gains as of July 2011